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Diamond Game Features NexPlay™ Suite Of Products At NASPL

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA September 11, 2017 – Diamond Game Enterprises, Inc. (“Diamond Game”) is excited to feature its new product line, NexPlay™, at this year’s North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries (“NASPL”) annual conference held in Portland, Oregon from September 13 to 15, 2017. The suite of products includes a first-of-its-kind self-service terminal (“SST”), an enhanced ticket checker (“ETC”), and a bar-top version of the ticket checker (“ETC Lite”). These products are the next play in self-service for state and provincial lotteries.

Like traditional SSTs, the NexPlay™ SST offers players self-service purchasing of instant and draw game tickets. What makes NexPlay™ unique is the interactive experience it brings to instant ticket game play. Upon purchase, the result of each instant ticket is displayed on the monitor in an animated form, adding entertainment to instant ticket play—a proven method of increasing sales volumes. NexPlay™ also supports draw game and keno purchases, as well as the ability to check ticket results. Our new Box Bingo™ draw game will be featured on the NexPlay SST at NASPL. Box Bingo™ is a bingo-style draw game with multiple daily draws that combines the power of time-honored bingo with a unique shared bingo card to provide an exciting community experience.

The NexPlay™ Enhanced Ticket Checker is the most entertaining ticket checking device on the market. Animations create an engaging experience and anticipation builds as players check to see if their ticket is a winner. The ETC also offers video replays of draw game results and allows for second chance drawing entries. The same functionality is offered by the NexPlay™ ETC Lite, a bar-top ticket checker designed for social establishments with minimal room for a full device footprint. Diamond Game’s unique instant ticket game, SeedMoney™, with a patented progressive top prize, will be featured at NASPL on the ETC and ETC Lite.

“The NexPlay suite of products is coming out of our innovation lab after many months of development and we are extremely excited to demonstrate all its unique features at NASPL. This conference is an opportunity to showcase innovative products and ideas designed to grow revenue from traditional lottery offerings. I’m confident that we’ve achieved that with this product line,” stated Rob Siemasko, Vice President of Product Management at Diamond Game.

About Diamond Game
Diamond Game designs, produces, and services games, gaming systems, and tickets for the public gaming, Native American, and charity markets. Diamond Game maintains its corporate headquarters in Los Angeles, California and service facilities in Hamilton, Ontario, and Jefferson City, Missouri.

On August 3, 2017, Pollard Banknote Limited acquired a majority interest in Innova Gaming Group Inc., the parent company of Diamond Game Enterprises, Inc. and Diamond Game Canada ULC. This acquisition furthers the company’s reach in the lottery and charitable gaming industry as Pollard Banknote is a leading partner to more than 60 lotteries worldwide, and also plays a major role in the charitable pull-tab and bingo markets in North America.

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