Press Release

Loterie Nationale Welcomes New Addition To The Cash Family Of Games

WINNIPEG, Manitoba, July 18, 2018 /CNW/ Pollard Banknote Limited (TSX: PBL) (“Pollard Banknote”) congratulates the Loterie Nationale (the National Lottery of Belgium) on the outstanding success of its €20 Cash instant ticket, launched on March 17, 2018. Originally planned as a limited addition to its Cash family of games, Loterie Nationale has decided to make €20 Cash a permanent part of the family based on its overwhelming popularity.

Families of games are a major contributor to Loterie Nationale’s instant ticket sales, traditionally making up about 50% of total sales. The Win for Life family, which has been on the market continuously since 1998, has long held the position of top selling family in the country. Introduced in 2016, the Pollard Banknote printed Cash family of games has consistently occupied second place, averaging more than 20% of overall instant ticket sales. However, since the launch of €20 Cash, the Cash family has accounted for an incredible 34% of total instant ticket sales, becoming the first family to succeed Win for Life as the top selling family of games. Not only are Cash family sales up, but overall family sales have increased to account for more than 80% of instant sales.

Following the theme of the Cash family of games, €20 Cash combines Pollard Banknote’s patented Scratch FX® innovation with vibrant purple ink in a radiant swirling design to amplify visual appeal and excitement at retail. The strong cash theme, laden with euro symbols, stacks of cash, and call-outs emphasizing the magnitude of potential payouts, commands player attention and intensifies anticipation. The call-outs reflect the ticket’s higher than average prize payout and special prize structure, loaded with mid-tier prizes that create memorable wins and shareable moments.

Win for Life has been the strongest brand since before I began working in instant tickets, and I have always joked that I would retire when another family outsold it. In 2016, we introduced the Cash family and it helped boost overall instant ticket sales after a period of declining sales; but Win for Life remained the top seller,” said Wim Schoolmeesters, Business & Product Management, Instant Games, Loterie Nationale. “I am thrilled to see that the latest addition, €20 Cash, has not only helped continue instant sales growth, but has helped the Cash family out sell Win for Life! This feat comes quicker than expected, so rather than retire, I will help the Lottery find new ways to optimize its portfolio of instant games.”

“We worked closely with Loterie Nationale to develop the design and prize structure of the Cash family of games, including the use of our eye-catching Scratch FX® innovation, at each of the €1, €3, €5, and €10 price points,” said Michelle Annandale, Director, Sale & Marketing, Pollard Banknote. “We are delighted to see the latest addition to the family driving sales at retail and delighting Belgium’s players with its strong value proposition.”

Established in 1934, Loterie Nationale is state-owned, and aims to offer entertaining, accessible, and socially responsible games that appeal to a broad audience. The Lottery prides itself on being a modern, high-performing, cost-conscious, and sustainable organization in all aspects of its business. Loterie Nationale directs a large portion of its profits, totaling more than €185 million in 2017, to support a variety of public programs and good causes in Belgium, such as poverty reduction, scientific research, sport, culture, and local social projects.