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NPi Congratulates The NCEL On Successful Conversion Of Its Online Play And Player Loyalty Programs

LANSING, Michigan, November 8, 2019 /CNW/ – NeoPollard Interactive LLC (“NeoPollard Interactive” or “NPi”)—a leading provider of online Lottery technology, managed services, and industry-leading interactive games—is proud to announce that NPi and the North Carolina Education Lottery (“Education Lottery” or “Lottery”) have successfully converted the Lottery’s Online Play and Player Loyalty Program (“PLP”) to NPi’s omnichannel digital engagement solution. Through a competitive procurement process, the Lottery awarded the contract to NPi with the initial term of the agreement extending to June 2024, and the option for five one-year renewals over the life of the contract.

The Education Lottery’s completely integrated solution from NPi will enhance its existing digital services by harnessing best of breed technology. This technology will include the NeoSphere player account management system, Pollard Banknote’s PlayON® player engagement platform, and a full-featured mobile application that will enable players to play certain lottery games, collect and redeem loyalty points, scan lottery tickets to check the winning status and/or enter promotions, access information about current lottery games, find a lottery retailer, and receive push notifications for jackpot alerts and promotional information. Beyond simple transactional rewards, the embedded PLP will also offer players dozens of different omnichannel engagement activities to earn loyalty points. With the combination of these leading technologies, the Lottery can provide a unified Online Play and PLP solution that gives players the opportunity to seamlessly engage across retail and online lottery experiences.

In addition to state-of-the-art technology, NPi will provide the Lottery with a full suite of Managed Services to support the Lottery’s Online Play and PLP. NPi’s Customer Engagement Marketing team will bring expert data-driven player insights and unified marketing-campaigns to drive player acquisition, conversion, and retention in support of broadening the Lottery’s player base and promoting player engagement. The Company’s world-class Customer Support Center and professional staff will also provide multi-channel customer service to optimize player experiences.

Mark Michalko, Executive Director of the N.C. Education Lottery, said the conversion to the new Online Play and Player Loyalty programs went exceptionally well given how complicated a task it was. He credited the success to the expertise and teamwork shown by the NPi team in working with the Lottery to quickly respond and resolve any conversion issues that arose.

“NeoPollard Interactive’s technology and services provide the flexibility we need to meet the evolving needs of our players while maintaining the highest levels of security and integrity,” Michalko said. “Our mission is to continually maximize revenues year over year to raise money for education programs in North Carolina and we believe our partnership will help us to continue to achieve our goal.”

“We are extremely excited for the opportunity to partner with the Education Lottery  to bring a new online lottery experience to players enabled through NPi’s leading technology,” said Liz Siver, General Manager, NeoPollard Interactive. “We believe our proprietary solutions will fulfill our core promise to our customers, which is to deliver best-in-class solutions that meet players where they are.”

The Education Lottery set a new record for lottery ticket sales in fiscal year 2019, recording $2.86 billion in sales. From those sales, the Lottery raised a record $709.2 million for education programs in North Carolina. Instant tickets, or scratch-offs, continued to be the lottery’s most popular product, generating $1.91 billion in sales, or 67% of revenue.

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