Partnering with Lotteries

Pollard Banknote partners with lotteries around the world with the ultimate goal of driving revenue for good causes. Our team is dedicated to delivering on three key dimensions for success: Outstanding Games, Retail Excellence, and Digital Innovation.

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Outstanding Games

Outstanding games remain at the core of Pollard Banknote’s business and we believe a company should “never fall out of love with its core business”. Our unique culture of creativity and ingenuity, supported by value-adding enhancements and strategic marketing initiatives, drive outstanding sales results.


Pollard Banknote’s retail expertise is informed by industry experts and strengthened by two recent acquisitions: Schafer Systems and Fastrak Retail. Our team is constantly working to understand what lotteries need in the ever-evolving retail environment, and right now that need is in-lane solutions.


Pollard Banknote has emerged as an industry leader in interactive technology and mobile app development. We have developed an impressive range of products that combine the best aspects of instant tickets and digital games to appeal to an expanded player base, including younger demographics.