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Cultivating an innovative culture is unique to every business and specific to every area of the world.
That’s why at PDS Europe, we have created an innovation event called Heavy Mental. It is an annual, 2-day hackathon, where people across all our development offices, step away from their day-to-day and work together on ideas and projects they feel passionate about. It is an inspiring event, which embodies the true spirit of PDS Europe– teamwork and innovation! And most of all it is the best fun of the year!
The event influences product roadmaps, improves tooling, processes, and is a great venue to empower and identify top talent in the company. It is a rewarding, valued engagement event that greatly binds the culture of our international company.


The entire PDS Europe team genuinely holds true to the belief that the success of the Company lies in the success of its individuals.

To ensure that end, we established a formal Mentor Program in which each new employee is partnered with a mentor for a period of at least three months. The mentor assists his or her new teammate in getting started with the Company by introducing them to the working environment, providing hands-on training, guiding them on company policies and processes and perhaps most importantly, building a personal network of colleagues.


We are a member of the World Lottery Association. With the awareness of the ever-increasing role that RG plays in lottery operations, WLA established an RG Standard for suppliers to WLA lottery members.

In 2017, we were awarded the Responsible Gaming Certification. This certification ensures alignment with WLA Responsible Gaming Standards for Associate Members.

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