Press Release

Pollard Banknote And NeoGames Announce Joint Venture To Offer iLottery Services

WINNIPEG, Manitoba, March 31, 2014 /CNW/ – Pollard Banknote Limited (TSX: PBL) (Pollard Banknote), one of the world’s leading full-service lottery vendors, and NeoGames, a leading global internet lottery provider with strong expertise in online and mobile products, today announced the formation of NeoPollard Interactive, a joint venture arrangement. NeoPollard Interactive combines the marketing expertise and extensive worldwide lottery experience of Pollard Banknote with the proven leadership and technology of NeoGames in launching new iLottery channels and mobile gaming products and services in response to an ever-evolving marketplace. The joint venture will leverage the strengths of both companies to develop, implement, operate, and maintain innovative iLottery services for regulated lottery clients in order to generate revenues for good causes.

Together, Pollard Banknote and NeoGames recently won a contract to provide iLottery services to the Michigan Lottery. With this success, the two companies have formalized their relationship as a joint venture, making services available to other lotteries—with a primary focus on the emerging iLottery market within North America. NeoPollard Interactive will provide lotteries with customized iLottery solutions including modular and full turnkey offerings to create and operate interactive web and mobile channels to help grow their player base, optimize player engagement and retention, and build their brand by cross-promoting across all channels. This combination of market-proven expertise and technological innovation will help lotteries expand their portfolios into the critical channels of online and mobile gaming. 

“We are very excited to join forces with NeoGames to help lotteries expand their game portfolios and add new distribution channels,” stated Doug Pollard, Co-Chief Executive Officer, Pollard Banknote. “The strength of NeoPollard Interactive will be our collective ability to leverage all lottery channels—from ‘bricks and mortar’ retail to interactive gaming—in response to how players want to play in our consumer-driven culture. With the addition of iLottery, we hope to help lotteries optimize sales and contributions to good causes.” 

“A lottery is made up of a network of interactions across various sales channels. This ‘ecosystem’ thrives and evolves when a lottery successfully utilizes these channels to increase player engagement,” said Ilan Rosen, Chief Executive Officer, NeoGames. He added, “Our research and experience show that an exceptional, jurisdiction-specific iLottery portfolio helps lotteries encourage players of traditional lottery products to develop and expand into multi-channel players in an increasingly complex omni-channel lottery ecosystem. Additionally, it reaches new target markets, a challenge currently faced by most lotteries. NeoPollard Interactive will offer a comprehensive iLottery solution that will help lotteries create a seamless lottery experience through all available channels.”