Press Release

Pollard Banknote Continues Legacy Of Printing Innovative Big Instant Games

WINNIPEG, Manitoba, June 11, 2015 /CNW/ – Pollard Banknote Limited (TSX: PBL) (“Pollard Banknote”) is proud to celebrate its long-standing tradition of printing the most large format instant games for lotteries worldwide. For over 15 years Pollard Banknote has led the industry in the quantity of large format games produced, and in 2014 alone, the company printed over 20 big games (larger than 48 square inches in area), a tally that doesn’t include specialty products like the PlayBook®, advent calendars, or pouched games. 

In 1999, Pollard Banknote printed the industry’s first large format instant game—called Millennium—for a charitable non-profit organization in Sweden. Always looking for ways to innovate, this ticket was also the first two-sided scratch-off game ever produced—again, by Pollard Banknote. Measuring a massive 12” wide x 8” high, the 50 kr (approx. $5 USD) ticket marked an auspicious beginning to the company’s position as the industry’s leading large format ticket printer. 

“Pollard Banknote is very excited to highlight the popularity of our large format tickets—just one of our many innovative product options that demonstrate our leadership in the industry,” said Jennifer Westbury, Executive Vice President, Sales & Customer Development, Pollard Banknote. “We have led the industry by printing large format tickets that add more play areas, more value for players, and more options for lotteries to keep the PlayBook® dispensers that house large format tickets stocked year-round. Simply put—we have the most experience creating and printing the most stunning big tickets on the market today.” 

Sales consistently show that oversized tickets make a big impact at retail, demonstrated by the recent sales achievements of the Minnesota State Lottery’s Big Cash Crossword ticket and the New York Lottery’s Winner Wonderland holiday game, both printed by Pollard Banknote.

The Minnesota State Lottery launched its Big Cash Crossword game measuring a sizable 7.8” wide x 8” high. This super-sized ticket’s front and back real estate was packed with features that included six crossword grids, doubler and tripler features, a redeemable coupon and extra big time chances to win! The coupon drove players back to retail, with a validation barcode that, when redeemed, offered a free Progressive Print-N-Play® crossword game. The game generated over $6.6 million (USD) in total sales, making it the top-selling game sold out of retailers’ PlayBook® dispensers. It also drove coupon redemption rates to over 90% and made a big impression on the judges at the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries (NASPL) in 2013—named Finalist for the Best New Instant Game of the Year!

The mega-sized holiday-themed ticket at 8” by 8”, Winner Wonderland, was a huge success for the New York Lottery last year. The game exceeded expectations by selling out in only five weeks. Players and retailers were excited to see such a unique large format game, and with the follow-up release of its Lucky 7s Playbook, the Lottery was able to sustain the excitement and popularity of large format games. The big tickets added interest at retail, kept the larger dispenser stocked, and increased total ticket facings at over 17,000 retailers in New York. 

Another way to sustain interest in large format tickets is Pollard Banknote’s newest innovation, the Multi-Pack™—yet another industry-leading product that will keep large dispensers stocked by offering players massive amounts of play in a large format. Presented as one giant ticket (measuring 8” wide x 8” long, or more), the game can be designed at a variety of price points. Each individual game can also be detached—every game within the big ticket contains its own barcode for validation, allowing players to redeem each game separately.